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New to Airsoft?

Here is the best place to start

If you are looking at getting into airsoft or just want to get out of the house and have some fun, then P.A.C. is the club to start. All you need to do is keep an eye on our event dates and find one that suits your schedule, register for the game and turn up to sling some BBs. But what if i have no gear you ask? Don't worry, we have your back with options to use club guns and we will lend you all the stuff you need to get out on the field. All we recommend is some good foot wear (ideally boots) and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. It's not outlandishly expensive, $50 will get you all you need for a full day of fun. $20 for Field fee and $30 for loan gear. 

So now you have played a few games and think this is the sport for you? Awesome now you can start looking at becoming a club member where you get access to cheaper field fees and discounts to help you get the equipment you need to get right into the sport. Club membership only costs $50 for the first year and $50 to renew it each year after that. And bonus... when you register for the first time you also get sweet P.A.C. club shirt and PVC velcro patch!

Now you have paid for membership, you are now officially a Probationary Member of the Palmerston North Airsoft Club..... "Wait what's a Probationary Member?" This means you have to prove your worth (approximately 3 games) and show that your a team player and obey the club rules. You are also restricted to 1.13Joules on the guns you use during this period (this is the same at most clubs).  Once the committee is happy with you and think you will be a great addition to the club, then you will become a full paid member, this then unlocks you weapon restrictions except senior sniper role. You can also now play at other clubs games as a member of P.A.C. which will allow you access to their full limits as well.

Well done you're now free to spend some dosh on lots of airsoft goodies.

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