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Faction Wars is P.A.C.'s signature airsoft event and has been running for a number of years and gets continually bigger. Playing numbers that enter 'The Zone' now surpasses well over 100 players year on year. It is a much different gaming style (and utterly fun) which runs for 24 hours and has a post apocalyptic/scavenger theme. 

‘The Zone’ is a post apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by tortured souls, thieves, marauders, fortune hunters, megalomaniacs... and blood lusting mutants.... of course.

‘The Zone’ can be your friend or your enemy, its up to you how you negotiate it. 
Be brave and be smart... you need both in generous quantities.


Shooting, screaming, and a fair bit of trouble is caused and is considered the norm. 
Bartering, firefights, cunning, backstabbing, stealth, ulterior motives, subterfuge and deception is used all in good quantities so that factions and individuals while within ‘The Zone’ can achieve their objectives just to survive. 


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