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P.A.C. Awards

To help each member to strive to be the best ambassadors for airsoft and the club we have put together 5 award categories that we think will cover a good deal of what you may see 'go down' during games. Most are designed to be fun as that's what we purposely promote the sport to be as well.

Nominations will be requested before the club AGM and worthy recipients will be presented with appropriate trophies at the AGM. So keep in mind while playing, there are to be loads of opportunities (both planned and unplanned) to carve a name for yourself, and into club history, with these awards. 

Another and MUCH more prestigious award... the PINNACLE AWARD is under wraps until the 2024 AGM as the mechanisms behind it require more time for it to work.


Award 1


The member who literally threw themselves into games and played fairly and in the spirit of the sport. They display a great collaborative and supportive spirit to new and older members both on and off the field… a great asset to the club and they truly honor the principles of the sport of airsoft. They also most likely got shot to shit in the process and did all manner of crazy shit that got noticed and likely went home thinking ‘My life sucks but thanks to airsoft the special effects are awesome’. In another world this would be deemed the players player, but not here cuz we ain’t so lame to call it that. (Based on by nominations by committee and members and voted on by the committee).


Award 2


For the member who in the course of the year, in one badass action brought about by accident or by cunning design, stood out and firmly imprinted into the minds of those around them that they are truly a dedicated skirmish guru or batshit crazy airsoft freak. 
Their star will continue to shine brightly for a year until it’s extinguished and replaced by an even more ingeniously executed or accidentally manufactured badassery action of another member. (Based on by nominations by members and voted on by members).


Award 2


For the club member who in the calender year who in one action or over several actions managed to epically exhibit how not to play the sport. This category is wide and can encompass broad examples of actions that could easily fall within those outcomes seen in ‘Fail Army’ but this member exclusively owns this within in the P.A.C. club under the title of ‘SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fucked Up’. It’s suggested they should not under any circumstance have children and if they do they should invest in stronger condoms or just go for the money shot. (Based on by nominations by members and voted on by members).

HRC Fury.png

Award 2


For the club member who in the calender year is considered the one person you fear most on the field and who’s fury, when unleashed, is fast, brutal and often unexpected. 
With this person when they play, you expect that hell hath no fury quite like theirs, just the same as when Hillary is caught in another lie. You accept that when you trade rounds with them it will be a violent and ugly contact and that you will just become another number in their long and bloody body count. They are a super efficient ‘hit’ machine with no mercy and no moral compass. (Based on by nominations by members and voted on by members).

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